Classroom Visits

Prospective students are welcome to visit engineering classes during the academic year. Classroom visits are offered on weekdays during the fall and spring semesters. When visiting a lecture, please remember to be respectful of classroom etiquette: Arrive ten minutes before the class is scheduled to begin to introduce yourself to the professor and ask permission to observe their class, take a seat in the back of the lecture hall, and stay for the entire lecture so you do not disrupt the class. Our intention is to provide you with a rewarding experience that interferes minimally with normal classroom activity for our faculty and currently enrolled students.

Also, please be aware that courses are NOT available during the summertime, on weekends or academic breaks, and that some courses may be unavailable to visitors on certain days without notice due to examinations or other tests, or space limitations. If you are interested in having an engineering classroom visit, we feel that these courses will be most beneficial to prospective undergraduates.

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Suggested engineering classes for prospective students

Spring 2019-20

Class schedules are subject to change.
Please visit the Office of the Registrar for current listings.